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  • July - August
    2017 !

    Wireless Speedometer

    This project was developed by Team Sinros on behalf of RV Industries Pvt. Ltd. The whole idea was to develop a piece of hardware that can communicate with android application wirelessly and that can be placed in any vehicle including bicycles. All the statistics regarding the movement of vehicle can be easily checked out on android application along with corresponding graphs.
    Technologies: Android, Embedded C, Serial Communication

  • Sept- October

    Remote Controlled Electric Vehicle

    This prototype was developed by Team Sinros in close assistance with Indian army officials. The goal was to develop a remote controlled all terrain vehicle that can carry the weight of around 100 kgs. The purpose of the vehicle is to serve Indian soldiers in war like conditions and carry heavy materials from one place to another as and when required.
    Technologies: Embedded Systems, Serial Communication

  • November- December

    Custom Object Detector

    This project was made by team Sinros to detect and localize different objects in an image using the Tensorflow APIs. This project is made using state of art technology called Single Shot Detector via Transfer Learning to minimize the overhead of training the netwroks on local systems. This project can be further extended to detect and localize multiple objects in real time videos.
    Techologies: Single Shot Detector, Computer Vision, Convolutional Neural Networks, Transfer Learning

  • January-February

    Plant Care Taker Robot

    This project was developed to monitor the growth of plants using a self-moving robot. The idea was to develop such a robot that can take pictures of the plants and can compare it with the pictures of previous days so as to conclude whether a plant has grown over the time or not. This project can be further extended to monitor the weather conditions and control the irrigation system accordingly.
    Technologies: Embedded systems, Computer Vision, Infrared radiation

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  • March - April

    Artificial Number Plate Recognition

    The purpose of this project was to detect the number plates of the vehicles autonomously without any human intervention. Once the number plate is detected, alphabets and numbers from the number plate are then identified and logged in into the database for future reference.
    Technologies: Computer Vision, Deep Learning

  • April - May

    Autonomous Registration System

    This project was developed by Team Sinros for the autonomous registrations of the students for their trainings and workshops. Though the use of this project can be extended to conferences and reception desks to keep the track of incoming participants and people. This project can be further extended to send the SMS and email confirmations once the user has registered his/her self on the system.
    Technologies: Computer Vision, Linux, Socket Programming

  • June - July

    Face Recognition

    This project was developed by Team Sinros to add an extra security measure to the project named Home Security System. However, the usage of the Face Recognition system can be extended to multiple devices including attendance system and other gadgets to increase the security of such devices.
    Technologies: OpenCV, Deep Learning

  • July - August

    Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

    This algorithm was developed by Team Sinros to enable the autonomous movements of bots in controlled environment. This algorithm is best suited to create a map of surroundings using the sensor LIDAR with minimal errors. Simultaneously, this algorithm enables the bot to localize itself in the map so created.
    Tools: C++, OpenCV, Linux

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